Best At Anything With Kings Eyes Announced

“It is with a great sense of pride that i can announce the first true original show on Sigil Heyra is my very own.”

Sigil Arts Owner and CEO Kornelius “Kings Eyes” is making his return to podcasting in 2023. With a new researched, scripted, and potentially career threatening format, sure to spark conversation of various flavours. Named with the utmost humility “Best At Anything” With Kings Eyes.

The show will seek to find common ground on big issues, in a format designed to bring people along on a journey of discovery and information, spanning 10 episodes per season, and boasting heavy subject matter such as Food, “The Now”, Discrimination, Mental Health, and other subjects that spark conversation in the public sphere.

“I have done a fair few shows at this point. But during our absence, in reviewing my own content, and seeking inspiration around the podcasting space. It was time to create something with more posterity, and of more value to the potential listener.”

“Best At Anything” will debut in late June of this year. And will publish weekly for the next 9 weeks, with content publishing to all major podcasting platforms, and on Youtube in short form and full length versions.